CCleaner question

crab2, Apr 20, 1:02am
Hi, I'm trying to do a Wipe of the drive before I sell the desktop but after doing it I get a message saying "The Device is not ready", what does this mean? Thanks

lythande1, Apr 20, 2:34am
CCleaner just removes temp files etc.
Not for wiping anything.

r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 2:35am
I think it can wipe the free space, but I've never tried that.

suicidemonkey, Apr 20, 2:39am
Yes it does have a wipe free space function.

wayne416, Apr 20, 2:44am
It can wipe free space but i read it as OP wanted to wipe personal stuff and leave operating system installed. Maybe wrong.

mojo49, Apr 20, 6:02am
I have used CCleaner to wipe free space no problem. Just have to remember to shut down the power saving feature in Windows so the process does not stop. It does what the option says. Just wipes over space where deleted files remain and which is not otherwise in use by the file system. A useful little addition to CCleaner a few years ago.

crab2, Apr 20, 8:07am
you've got it right, I used Privazer and desktop is already to go and am donating it to a group

wayne416, Apr 20, 9:11am
That's good, its a very good tool when used in advanced mode.

hakatere1, Apr 20, 4:12pm
How was the drive before you decided to shell it.

crab2, Apr 21, 3:25am
There was nothing wrong with the drive, why?

russell.s.c, Jan 28, 8:15am
I believe you can wipe an entire drive but I'm not certain as I've never done it. There is more information here - Links to other documentation here -

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