Help req on kindle on ipad 2

homebay, Aug 19, 3:27am
Hi, I have d/l a good book ans read about 60-80 pages and it will not go to the next page. It is a 900 page book and I get a pop up ot the bottom of the screen for a short time saying I am at "loc 947 of 947 which can't be the case.

Have googled to no avail. They have debited my card so it can't be the sample I have.

Am cripple and desperate to be able to access nd read Ebooks.

Any help greatly appreciated

homebay, Aug 19, 3:29am
Meant to add for even a shorter time on the pop up that shows a time bee fully extended,

piperguy, Aug 19, 3:30am
I would check to see if you have got a sample there or if it's the full book. You could try removing it from your device and then re-downloading it.

homebay, Aug 19, 3:54am
Thanks so much for your reply but if I delete the ebook from my device wii I not have to pay another $8 to d/l again?

homebay, Feb 5, 3:15am
Tried the above and it worked :) 1000 thanks

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