Print problem - weeeeny print output

Just typed up and sent an email. As I wanted a hardcopy for my file records I printed out the sent email. The output has printed out in teeeny weeeny text. I can barely read it, really need a magnifying glass.
Why would that have happened.
In and out emails always print out in a "standard" font size - just like this text.
Can anyone advise why my print has come out sooo small this time?
I use Thunderbird for my emails. My printer is a Canon lazer (black only) one.
Have tried printing out some other emails still on hand in "In" and "Sent" folders. They come out fine.
Have checked my printer settings and all is normal there.
So, what is the answer to this mystery?

geek_mariner26, Jun 8, 11:09 am

geek_chnman, Jun 8, 11:34 am

Think I have found answer.
Went via "Print Preview" option for printing out email. Found a scaling button on preview options page. Found the "Scaling" button and on opening it found that it was set to "Shrink to Fit". Changed it to 100%. Printed email again and woohooo all seems OK now.
So, some gremlin got into my system and changed the scaling selection me thinks!

geek_mariner26, Jun 8, 2:51 pm

Thanks Craig.
As per above - you can see that I have "figured" it all out.
Great help tho - there's always someone who has the answer in this universe, eh?

geek_mariner26, Sep 8, 4:52 am

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