using windows 8.1. office 365 stopped working. paid for 12 month upgrade. problem with installation. contacted microsoft support. told that if i paid $150 i would be elevated to tier 2 and guaranteed problem would be resolved. after 4 days no resolution. each day start with new technician. word now working but not outlook. appalling appalling service. what can i do?

geek_alfredtonroad, Feb 24, 6:20 pm

1. Ask for your money back - CGA.

2. Install LibreOffice for your documents.

3. Install 'eM Client' for email, calendar, tasks, social networking.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 24, 7:02 pm

can i transfer my archived emails from outlook to em client?

geek_alfredtonroad, Feb 24, 7:08 pm

what is the problem - outlook not working says nothing.

perhaps if you described the symptoms someone might be able to help

geek_king1, Feb 24, 7:51 pm

I believe so, but don't give up yet. Give us more info, as previous poster suggests.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 24, 8:50 pm

My windows live mail playing up since a windows update this morning so likely a separate windows issue

geek_theref1, Jul 8, 4:53 pm