4G in Palmerston North

Vodafone 4G coverage in this area seems to be so much better than Sparks. Any opinions on how much quicker 4G is when browsing on a mobile? Thinking of changing to Vodafone. Good idea or not.

geek_maghera, May 18, 8:13 pm

Vodafone may have got their first but Spark will be close behind. I personally don't think it's worth going to the inferior network (my opinion) just for that.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 18, 8:53 pm

Grab a prepay voda sim, it's only $5.
4G is awesome. Just keep an eye on usage, $19/500mb can be used up in a few minutes if not careful.

geek_rz_zone, May 18, 11:12 pm

For you yes based on the infrastructure


Navigate to Palmy and there's your answer. 'Best' depends on where you live etc. for Palmy yes for 4G / LTE frequency, Vodafone based on the infrastructure.

geek_dudekrulz, May 18, 11:19 pm

For 4G, you need a LTE enabled phone that's capable of 4G and that max in NZ is 100 mbps download.

geek_dudekrulz, May 19, 12:42 am

Some Vodafone sites are closer to 200mbit.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Nov 11, 11:00 pm

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