Pop up TV channel

palmetto, Aug 29, 7:13am
How do I find and receive TV ones Pop up channel?

tracy0073, Aug 29, 7:20am
Channel 15 Freeview

mariner26, Aug 29, 9:03am
There is nothing on there now. Wimbledon was the last action showing and is long finished.

frogycrzy, Aug 29, 10:15am
try this site.
I'm paying $17.44 for the same chans as sky you get hbo ppv as well and v8'supper cars heaps of movie chans lots of sports. bear in mind its a legit web site and the chans come off sky.com that's in the uk yes its $17 per month or $44 uk for 1 year its around $70 for 1 year contract

stickman100, Aug 29, 10:45am

marywarren, Aug 30, 4:34am
Golf is on it.

intrade, Aug 30, 4:37am
more religious crap on ex cue now

galex, Aug 30, 9:33am
PGA scedule is available here: http://tvnz.co.nz/tvnz-pop-up-channel/6378472

Next broadcast is: PGA Deutsche Bank Championship - Sunday September 6, 6:30am Round 2 live

galex, Dec 30, 2:58am
Oh Lord

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