Which laptop to buy? Budget of $2000-2500

r.g.nixon, Mar 16, 7:13am
OK, so that will be mobile(cellular) broadband, not what we usually refer to as a broadband modem.

kew, Mar 16, 7:18am
Well it is sold by Lenovo and is listed in Device Manager as a Modem. But I guess you can call it what you like.

bluefrog2, Mar 19, 8:41pm
My husband upgrades his laptop every 2-3 years for both work and personal use. He feels his latest laptop is the best he's ever had. Toshiba Portege M930 convertible which can double as both a laptop or tablet. 13-inch screen, i5 chip, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state drive (fast!). He didn't need a graphics card for gaming, but that might be an option you can add.

nzoomed, Mar 19, 8:51pm
HP elitebook :)

lostdude, Mar 19, 9:59pm
Indeed, hence my recommendation. The stylus on the SP3 is the best I have ever come across and with palm rejection, she can use it as a normal notepad. Then just park it on the docking station at home to finish up those essays and some light gaming.

dtpapa, Mar 19, 10:44pm
get two laptops, one for uni work, the other for gaming. You can get a decent "non-gaming" laptop for well under $1000.

zirconium, Mar 20, 4:54pm
Does it have a hard drive? - They need to be able to download and store big files and deal with manipulating data files on the go. It isn't a discipline where it lends itself to making notes during the day, and finish essays at home.

mahairy, Mar 20, 9:19pm
Since Winnie seems to have departed having been satisfied . I would like to hi-jack and just ask what you would recommend under $1000. It's all I need for browsing, email and photos. No gaming. Thanks!

lostdude, Mar 20, 9:34pm
It's a laptop/tablet hybrid with a 256GB SSD (which is the latest development in data storage - so yes, it has a hard drive). It runs full blown Windows 8.1 Pro so can handle large data manipulation just as easily or difficult as a comparable laptop would, and with my suggested inclusion of the type cover, she can type or draw/write on it. Which ever is best suited at the time.

So in a nutshell, the Surface Pro 3 is a late model laptop, in a tablet form factor.

lostdude, Mar 20, 9:45pm

vtecintegra, Mar 20, 9:49pm
Make sure to go and have a go with the Surface before buying - the form factor is really polarising (personally I think it makes for a poor tablet and a worse laptop)

lostdude, Mar 20, 9:55pm
We've been deploying SP3s here for management since Jan after extensive testing last year and haven't had any major issues yet. Only thing we get is complaints when something doesn't work which is always a result of PEBKAC rather than the SP3.

vtecintegra, Mar 20, 10:01pm
- Too big and unweildy to make a good tablet
- The keyboard is just awful which immediately stops it from being a good laptop

Its an awkward compromise of a form factor


mahairy, Mar 21, 1:27am
Thanks. I was wondering about Mac book pro but haven't ventured down the apple path before. ?

tillsbury, Mar 21, 1:57am
You probably won't get a Macbook Pro for $1000, but you would get a MacBook Air. These have recently been upgraded and the price has gone up since our dollar dropped off, but refurbished models are still available at good prices:


maisy1, Apr 28, 3:21am
My daughter has a Macbook Air (for about 18 month now) and we have had absolutely no problems with it. Even when our other laptops are having trouble connecting to the wifi here, hers won't be. The other four laptops we've had in the house during that time have all had some kind of minor or major problems within that time.

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