Replace Hard Drive or .

rai5, Feb 10, 1:39am
I have an Acer Aspire S3 (21months old) and I'm looking at having to replace a hard drive. Approx what sort of cost might I be looking at paying and is this option a good idea, or am I better off to put the money towards a new computer?

trade_menow, Feb 10, 1:51am
thats abit like asking how long is a piece of string - cost of the hard drive will vary from how much data it can store and its type ( IDE / SATA )

but for 21months old your hard drive should be fine
Edited - google says yours is a laptop with 500gb sata hdd
it should be fine - unless its getting full

ianab, Feb 10, 1:59am
Probably worth doing if the machine is in good condition otherwise. Maybe $100 for the disk and as long as you have restore media its a simple job. Like if you have a small screwdriver you can do it yourself.

cafc2012, Feb 10, 2:01am
Why are you having to replace the hard drive?

A bog standard SATA hard drive 1TB will set you back $80 to $120. If your want a much smaller, but much much faster SSD hard drive you're looking $200 upwards

lythande1, Feb 10, 2:02am
$60 to a few hundred. depends what size you want.
You want 2.5" sata, no you certainly do not need a new PC. that's like buying a new car cause it needs tyres.

rai5, Feb 10, 2:06am
I am having to replace it as I have been advised it is on its way out. Windows was reinstalled and since then (a week ago) when I turn the computer on it has wanted to do a disk check three times.

trade_menow, Feb 10, 2:12am
diskcheck can be because it wasnt shut down properly - let it do its scans and any repairs it finds

rai5, Feb 10, 2:33am
Yes I have let it do it, but it gets shut down the same way I have always shut it down and assumed it maybe connected with the hard drive issue.

king1, Feb 10, 2:55am
download the standard version (3rd down)

See what that tells you about the drive

newbie5, Feb 10, 3:26am
If you are having to replace the hard drive after just 21 months then I would be looking at replacment from the manufacturer.
it should last more than that.

rai5, Feb 10, 5:45am
I thought that but when I tried Acer I was advised only 12 months!

cookee_nz, Feb 10, 6:19am
not worth the argument. Treat yourself a new drive, often they have a 3 year warranty by which time you would be looking at replacing the laptop anyway.

king1, Feb 10, 6:23am
western digital scorpio black 500GB / 7200RPM / 5yr Warranty / $119RRP

trade_menow, Feb 10, 8:04am
Which is what the stores want you to do - if you get no luck try citizen's advice who can help you with the CGA

aktow, Feb 10, 12:01pm
Take the laptop back to where you bought it and get the hard drive fixed or replaced under consumer Guarantees act. The CGA applies even if the warranty is expired. The Consumer Guarantees Act obliges retailers to guarantee their products are "of acceptable quality". This means that they must last for a time that??

schizoid, Aug 27, 3:15pm
if you are going to get a new drive, get a SSD (so long as you dont need a lot of space). Might as well make it a upgrade rather than just a replacement.

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