Chromecast entire screen

billyfieldman, Apr 19, 7:49am
On a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, will Chromecast be able to cast the PC screen to the TV? Most of the information on the internet talks about casting Chrome browser tab to TV.

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 8:41am
Being a Google product, it can cast your Chrome browser windows but that's it. If you're running an Android device, it can cast the entire screen (and other selected apps).

king1, Apr 19, 11:38am
apparently you can - at least they reference it here

Don't use chromecast myself so cant check for you

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 11:44am
Oh that's interesting - didn't know they'd released that feature. I do have a Chromecast so will have a play tomorrow.

king1, Apr 19, 11:45am
beta apparently - another site said you need to click on the down arrow

king1, Apr 19, 11:46am

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 11:50am
Ok so basically ignore my post, I should've done more research lol. My bad.

billyfieldman, Apr 19, 11:55am
Thanks. That looks promising.

billyfieldman, Apr 19, 11:57am
suicidemonkey. If you get to test it, pls let us know whether it works.

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 11:59am
Yep, will have a play around after work tomorrow :)

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