My Sky sound question

smine, Apr 11, 2:42am
My TV is failing in the sound area sometimes drops to mono and goes muffled. I rang Sky to check what I needed to know about using the sound outputs from the back of the Sky box and taking sound through my sterio. The person I spoke to said it was not permissible to alter or add to the leads on their box. She was very unhelpful and abrupt.

There are RCA outputs labelled "sound out" R and L. Before I buy leads for the job does anyone know whether I will have to change a setting on the Sky box to make these work?


froggyb, Apr 11, 2:48am

smine, Mar 1, 8:54am
Excellent, thanks. Looks like they just output all the time so seems easy. Cheaper than TV service or replacement eh.

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