Identifying sony vaio laptop

sakkara, Mar 14, 11:10pm
hi just got a second hand sony vaio on base it says model PCG-8V1M

tried all the sony sites and cant find this model listed can anyone provide the specs of this machine as i want to know if its worth buying charger and harddrive to get it going thanks

d.snell, Mar 14, 11:40pm
Sony's usually have 2 numbers. Mine has PCG-71311W on the base, but has E Series VPCEB43FG on the Top Sticker and the Screen. Look for another number.

sqidlie, Mar 15, 12:41am

sakkara, Mar 15, 5:13am
yes tried all those sites but are no help

d.snell, May 18, 9:26am

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