Windows 8.1 - how to copy CDs

I want to copy my old CDs onto my new phone (instead of old MP3 player) via my new laptop. Once upon a time I used to put the CD into the laptop, copy it on to the laptop, and then copy it onto my MP3 player. But I can't even seem to copy the CD on to this new laptop? Can that still be done?

This laptop seems to have come with VLC Media Player which is what I thought I used to use. Laptop is under 12months old and comes with 8.1.

geek_flyingpencil, Aug 11, 7:43 pm

That looks possible, after googling "rip cd to mp3 using vlc".

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 11, 7:52 pm

Couldn't see it there, but have found out that it can be done on Windows Media Player.

geek_flyingpencil, Aug 11, 8:24 pm

Dint know VLC had any ripping compatibilities,its a very old & one of the best open source players but i don't know of any ripping feature's on it

There are thousands of free ripping tools online.Like the above post Windows media player also rips.

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 8:53 pm

Sure, VLC can rip. Start playing the CD and press pause, select Media -> Convert/Save, then select Disk -> Audio CD and choose the MP3 profile.

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 27, 3:17 am

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