Hi there. this is about netflix and sound. here

katybaty, Apr 13, 10:05pm
goes. my beloved hooked up the non smart tv to the stereo so we coud have the tv louder when watching movies. it also worked with dvd,s. when u looked at the face plate of the stereo , it was on dvd and the lights would go up and down so u knew the sound was coming thru. then we got a smart tv, and he hooked something up, and now the stereo has on be on video 1 option othere wise the sound wont come thru. ( ever since he did something). now we are trialling the Netflix and the sound wont come thru the stereo. if u turn the stereo on, it makes this horrendous buzzing noise. and theres no lights. can anyway please tell me, and u have to talk slow, what we need to do to get the sound thru when watching Netflix and why would the sound not come thru. it just seems weird.

spyware, Apr 14, 7:34am
Most likely because Netflix app outputs Dolby Digital. At other times the audio from TV may be PCM (pulse code modulated) digital. Need details on TV model and audio equipment model and how exactly they are connected (HDMI audio return channel, toslink, coax).

katybaty, Jan 29, 4:15am
hi there. I will try and show u some things. its a Panasonic ax670 model tv. the dvd is Panasonic DMR-EH57. I bought it second hand but it can only play dvd,s not record. and the stereo is a sony but I don't have specs for that.
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