Saving a site from deleting cookies.lightbox.

vikster1, Mar 25, 9:20pm
I am using Lightbox, everytime I do a clean up or disc scan, then go back to lightbox it thinks it needs to add a new device, I have messaged lightbox about this issue many times and they tell me I have to stop deleting cookies off lightbox. the question is, how do I save lightbox and still delete cookies from everything else?

vtecintegra, Mar 25, 9:25pm
Why do you think you need to be deleting cookies at all?

Anyway it will depend on exactly what you mean by 'clean up' and what browser you are using.

mrfxit, Apr 19, 10:15am
Ask light box for a list of cookies they put on your computer.
Put those names in to your clean up prg as exceptions.

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