Trademe timeout

summer069, May 9, 3:25am
Someone recommended I post this here.

How do I stop getting logged out? If I go away from the computer for more than a minute it seems trademe logs me out. Damn annoying especially if I'm in the middle of writing a listing and I lose info!

adndad, May 9, 8:15am
Yep the 'time out' is a pain in the butt, especially if you have lot of info to put into the listing. I set up the listing on my windows 'note pad' then copy and paste into TradeMe. Have you ticked the box to stay logged in and to auto login into TM, that might help .

mrfxit, May 9, 10:03pm
Yep spot on.
Pre write your postings
Tick "keep me logged on"
Allow your browser to keep the password

summer069, Dec 7, 7:57am
Thanks I usually do this but for the times I forget. real pain alright! just wondered if I had overlooked something

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