Locked number

lazkaz, Mar 22, 11:52pm
I can ring my son but cannot text, it worked when I first got the phone, but recently stopped. it is a Huawei, how do I unlock the number if I have indeed locked it. Thanks.

ceebee2, Mar 23, 1:07am
Have you tried asking Mr Google?

lazkaz, Mar 23, 2:06am
Mr Google comes back with just locked phone not contact number. Tried resetting phone etc, deleted phone number and in again, all the usual stuff.

gyrogearloose, Mar 23, 5:38am
Contact the helpdesk, it's possible your number or his has been ported between mobile companies and the routing wasn't done properly.

flower_tears, Mar 24, 3:19am
What soft of phone is it? and are you getting any error message when trying texting your son's number?, did you try sending to any other number?

lazkaz, Apr 4, 4:57am
Hi thought that I would be able to sort this out with the provider, they said no and went to shop to ask, apparently nothing wrong, they did say that my son may have accidently put my number in the dump box, where is that?, he has an up to date Samsung I have a Huawei 520 or 530. All other contacts work. We are using the same provider. I also have another issue with a spam text coming in regularly, very annoying! If anyone can help that would be great.

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