Windows 8

bubbles22222, May 20, 1:12am
what is it about windows 8 that people have trouble with? Looking at a choice between 8.1 and 7 and deciding which way to go.

wayne416, May 20, 1:22am

r.g.nixon, May 20, 1:33am
8.1 is faster, uses less memory, has better security, and has more backup and recovery options.

suicidemonkey, May 20, 1:35am
People have trouble with the new Tiled interface. But if you don't like it, install a small free program called Classic Shell to bring back the normal Windows 7 style desktop and start menu.

People like to complain without actually trying to resolve the issue.

vtecintegra, May 20, 2:31am
While that is all true in the minds of the MS marketing department none of that has been demonstrated in the real world.

suicidemonkey, Nov 3, 10:04am
I've seen numerous benchmarks that show Win8 to be faster than Win7. Granted it's not a lot, 3%-10% depending on the benchmark.

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