Please some one help! When I'm browsing on TM all

dellboy2, Feb 14, 6:36am
good, until I wish to ("view full size photo's) Then I can't go back to the original listing! If I hold mouse over "back" arrow and then do a hold on click I can perhaps get back to listings, but only if I haven't viewed to many photo's! Which is now becoming a real pain in the arse! Not sure if it has anything to do with a similar problem on google. search a site, try to 'click' onto that site. Up comes the tab. NAh. has a think. nah, close that tab, try again sometimes only 2 clicks, sometimes, I just give up. Using a Toshiba satellite running W8.1. PS add a googled site to favourite's then no probs. Any advice welcome, cheers in advance

trade4us2, Feb 14, 6:40am
Right click on the picture and choose Open Link in New Tab. Then close the tab to go back.

skin1235, Feb 14, 6:45am
so did you check your identical thread from an hr ago

is it a wireless mouse

gpg58, Feb 14, 7:18am
I have had the same issue a couple of times, i click and hold back button until drop-down list appears, then select 2nd item back.
And yes wireless mouse and keyboard on vista.
no issues today or yesterday though, but a couple of times on days before.
Not sure if i was using explorer or chrome at those times.

skin1235, Feb 14, 7:19am
put new the batteries in both

gpg58, Aug 8, 9:24pm
Unfortunately that was one of the first things i thought too, no change, also tried unplugging/reconnecting Bluetooth adapter and moving to another seat.
But as i have a 3 watt boosted, remote sim access (bluetooth) car kit for cellphone, which i use in house due to rubbish reception here, i will see if it is interfering next time it happens.

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