Got new lappy. and cant access my gmail ?

titivator, Mar 6, 8:53am
Bloody google takes me to this account settings page with no inbox option
. its like being stuck in a groundhog day - but its a damn page !

mazdasix, Mar 6, 9:38am
Most likely a PEBCAK error. should take you to Gmail. If it takes you to a settings page, what is on the page?

king1, Mar 6, 10:31am
might be the recovery options pages to verify phone number etc

iwikiwi, Mar 6, 3:04pm
Contact the service provider, support, and ask them.
I'm glad I'm with Spark/yahoo as if anything goes wrong I just contact them and say to them, you've got my account password, so could you fix the problem please, as I am computer illiterate! No worries! :)))

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