Windows 10 - Kapersky antivirus now gone ?

Well the upgrade has gone smoothly but I notice my Kapersky total security has disappeared ( well I cant find it ), Anyone else had this happen and any solutions. Thank you

geek_duffpot, Jul 31, 10:22 pm

Type kapersky into search and see what comes up or programs and see if its listed.

geek_wayne416, Jul 31, 10:44 pm

My Kaspersky has gone as well!

geek_oakie, Aug 1, 7:22 am

windows 10 has built in antivirus.

geek_michellew2k, Aug 1, 8:22 am

My Win 10 allows 360 Total Security to run. no problem.

geek_skyblue17, Aug 1, 8:39 am

I run Kaspersky Total Security ?? Multi-Device. Found the patch here :
Seems to have done the job.

geek_duffpot, Aug 1, 8:49 am

geek_chnman, Aug 1, 8:50 am

Hubby installed the windows 10 insider preview version(s) on his laptop. He's a tech. He discovered it killed a few of his tech programs in particular. Don't really know why. The shortcuts were still there of course and the programs were listed in controlpanel programs list but they wouldn't operate. Some wouldn't unistall either even when he used revouninstaller. However he is going to install this 'final' version of 10 now. He's not going to install it on my laptop which has an Nvidia graphics card on it after reading about issues with the drivers for that under windows 10. Not yet anyway. Will let the bugs iron out first. Of course he's made an image of his laptop system prior to install as he ususally does - it's a failsafe backup.

geek_nice_lady, Aug 1, 8:50 am

geek_duffpot, Apr 16, 4:20 am

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