ADSL upgrade to Ultra VDSL ?

stickman100, Apr 15, 1:17pm
I am thinking of upgrading to Ultra VDSL, I"m on Home Broadband Unlimited Data Plan + My Favourites landline to landline or mobile for $99-00. Upgrading to Ultra VDSL Unlimited Data for $109-00 but am wondering what difference will be noted if any. Can anyone offer their experience :-)

schizoid, Apr 15, 1:19pm
Depends on what your ADSL speeds are like. When we upgraded from ADSL to UFBB our max speeds tripled. But this still wasnt as fast as our previous VDSL at a previous house.

stickman100, Apr 15, 1:30pm
My Speedtest Result (
Download 11.18Mb/s
Upload 0.71Mb/s
Ping: 30 ms

schizoid, Apr 15, 1:36pm
hard to tell from those tests. I use to use Steam downloads as a real world test. On ADSL games would download at 1.1 MBS, that tripled with UFBB. Used to be about 5MBs + with VDSL. I guess it really comes down to how happy you are with your current speeds. If you are not, probably worth the upgrade.

On that, can you upgrade to "ultra fast broadband"? Because I could for free, no extra charges per month, just a nominal install fee.

r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 7:28pm
I went from speeds similar to yours to 35Mb down / 10Mb up.

fishb8, Apr 15, 8:02pm
UFF (via LAN cable) 95/48 in lounge
From my upstairs office

mrfxit, Apr 15, 8:19pm
Just checked this morning.
On Fiber unlimited here. 86.73 + 55.49 Ping 1ms 89.14 + 56.21 Ping 6ms

Using's Spark server shows a midway result between the 2 above

Often get around 95 - 97 down.
Upgrading our router soon so that will be interesting.

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 8:25pm
I'm on VDSL
DL - 44.52mbps
UL - 9.72mbps
Ping - 2ms

Not bad but it is early, it's not always good but I would say 90% of the time I get good speeds.

stickman100, Apr 15, 10:44pm
Network capability
Broadband > 20 Mbps (with the right modem and plan)
Broadband > 10 Mbps

Network upgrade scheduled
UFB fibre up to 200 Mbps between Jul-2019 and Dec-2019

king1, Apr 15, 10:48pm
biggest real world benefit is the faster upload speed which will help a lot if you make use of dropbox etc

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 11:19pm
That's what I found. 10mbit/s upload is brilliant.

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 11:21pm
Along with gaming.

monsieurl, Apr 15, 11:39pm
Went from standard broadband speeds to UFB - 950 down 400 up @ approx 20 ping. gotta love Gigatown!

schizoid, Apr 16, 3:17am
Like I said earlier, my "ultrafast broadband" speeds are still much slower than our old VDSL with Vodafone. But it's faster than our previously woefully slow adsl, so a pretty good upgrade for $0 extra a month. I recommend everyone on ADSL to enquire with their ISP about a upgrade. Only costs something like $30 for the install.

stickman100, Jan 30, 3:17am

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