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Hi. Please tell me if there is a simple way to get rid of what I think is a mindspark tool bar - it has headline alley by myway and more.

Thank you

geek_trademeandme, Aug 14, 8:09 pm


Then you may need to go into each browser and remove any remaining extensions

geek_king1, Aug 14, 8:20 pm

Hi King
Thank you, but I could not make any difference that I could notice with that download.
It seemed to be not easy to understand?
As for removing any remaining extensions could you please spell out how to do that exactly - much appreciated.
Thank you.

geek_trademeandme, Aug 14, 9:22 pm

King, I think that I could not understand because nothing showed up to be removed.
Any other ideas please?

geek_trademeandme, Aug 14, 9:42 pm

Did you 'clean' after the 'scan'?
Try this

How to remove extensions depends on the browser. Google is your friend

geek_king1, Aug 14, 9:42 pm

ok, next try is malwareremoval thank you very much - will have to do it tomorrow now.
Thanks king.

geek_trademeandme, Aug 14, 10:19 pm

malwarebytes antimalware removes it.

geek_black-heart, Feb 19, 10:52 am

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