So i put a HDD with a Windows install into an iMac

kickpac5, Feb 20, 2:56am
No BootCamp, honestly didn't expect anything good to happen. Not a single error message. Windows 8 just booted from the SSD to my amazement. Now to decide if I want to somehow get OS X running again, any tips?

Have a gut feeling the old hard drive (with OSX install) was spitting the dummy.

gibler, Feb 20, 3:06am
Why not test the OS X Drive in place with tools such as drive genius or even Apple Diagnostics first?

kickpac5, Jul 24, 9:17pm
I have a feeling diagnostics is on the recovery partition of the (possibly damaged) hard drive, because recovery mode, diagnostics mode, safe mode, or any other plethora of modes didn't seem to work holding the keys on power on following instructions from Apple support site.

Would love to test the drive, maybe I'll put in my windows machine as a secondary and run tests from there.

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