Adobe flash driver won't install.

devine-spark, Jun 4, 6:30am
I have been unable to view videos for the past few days. Was informed my flash driver needed updating so followed instructions. It will not work. I have uninstalled previous version and tried again, numerous times, still no go. Any advice?

I even resorted to getting my son to do it. but even he had no joy.

suicidemonkey, Jun 4, 6:50am
We'll need more information than "it won't work".

Error messages? What happens? What operating system?

r.g.nixon, Jun 4, 7:42am
Uninstall, then install again. Use method(s) here:

devine-spark, Jun 4, 8:23am
Done the above and uninstalled.
When loading it says 'not enough permissions to write to disk'.
Seem to be doing everything I see in the instructions.

rz_zone, Jun 4, 8:44am

r.g.nixon, Jun 4, 8:51am
Mac OSX? Lots of Google hits when searching: adobe flash "not enough permissions to write to disk"

devine-spark, Jun 4, 9:16pm
Yes Mac OSX

devine-spark, Sep 16, 9:07pm
I have made sure it is uninstalled, and that all applications that use flash are shut (safari) and reloaded, still to get the 'not enough permissions' response and a failure.

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