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wayne416, Apr 23, 1:09pm
just now after installing the 20 odd optional updates released this week. Top right of screen, 'Windows 10 is ready, get started'. Clicked on it and opened Windows update, checked for updates, nothing. Running 8.1, never tried 10 so no remnants left to cause it.

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 1:13pm
The other day trying to install updates on a new Windows 7 build, I got "Windows Update cannot install new updates until it is updated".

wayne416, Apr 23, 1:17pm
Yea 1 update tonight refuses to install, Googled it, i haven't found anyone who has, everybody waiting for fix. KB3022345. First update problem i have had in a few years

r.g.nixon, Apr 23, 7:18pm
I don't do the optional updates - just saying.

wayne416, Apr 23, 9:22pm
These were all 8.1 system updates and was second update Tuesday this month. Their up to something, maybe an early 10 release.

wayne416, Apr 23, 9:25pm

wayne416, Jan 17, 8:09am

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