NO PRE PAY 3G IPHONE IN NZ (reason why)

mrtoken, Jul 8, 5:53am
NO PRE PAY 3G IPHONE IN NZ (reason why) Ok just so everyone knows...
Pre Pay sim cards will NOT work in a vodafone 3g Iphone, the phones/network have been locked to only let Plan simcards to work on the phones, If you put in a pre pay sim card it will not work for anything (calls/text/data). There will also be a new APN for Iphones for data which means the Iphone 3g will not be able to use the casual data plan, you have to be on a Iphone plan or a youchoose/business plans with a dataplan on top of that.

stefanie5, Jul 8, 5:54am
This will last a week or two ....

deus701, Jul 8, 5:55am
Let them used it as a faux ipod

mrtoken, Jul 8, 5:55am
Well may do but i am sure it via the billing system and not a phone lock, unless someone can hack the iphone to send a different sim id, you never know.

deus701, Jul 8, 5:58am
Iphones are meant to be hack, its only the telcos are against it. Soon there will be companies offering sth like XXX-sim for the 3G ones...similar to turbo sim for 2G.

deus701, Jul 8, 6:03am
I think never head of unlocked iphones

007jamesbond, Jul 8, 6:14am
Or maybe they haveand they're just letting the average user know that initially there will be no way to buy a 3G iPhone from vodafone nz and get it on prepay...

mrtoken, Jul 8, 6:53am
Deus701 I have an unlocked cellphone but the talk around and have a mate at vodafone saying that the phones are locked via the billing system,

derekguy, Jul 8, 7:09am
The billing system will still be hackable I'm sure if it wasn't then the US telcos would have restricted the iPhone the same way.

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