No emails on 8.1

val182, Apr 24, 4:29am
I have been wondering all week why I haven't got any emails. So I got my trusty windows7 and there was a whole lot. Can any one tell me what to do.

suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 4:30am
Probably not as we don't know what e-mail provider you use, what e-mail client you use, how you have your e-mails set up, or any other relevant information at all.

wayne416, Apr 24, 4:42am
Download, install this, its free for up to 2 addresses. A couple of clicks and you should get your emails. Brilliant program.

val182, Apr 24, 5:22am
Thank you Wayne416 I have downloaded that. Can you tell me how to get my contacts as I can't see them on that program? Everything else seems to be there. That will save me paying to get it done. Older folks sure need all the help we can get.

wayne416, Apr 24, 5:46am
Go to settings of old program, import, export contacts, export to somewhere you remember like documents. Then open emclient, settings, import, find file and import. Bit of broad brush approach as you didn't say which program you where using. Did you get your emails OK?

val182, Apr 24, 7:19am
Yes I got a new email tonight. I am using Thank you.

vtecintegra, Jan 18, 2:09am
If you're using its far easier to just access via the browser rather than using a clunky old email app.

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