XH5096 DSE Camera driver for W7

moltenfire, Apr 27, 3:01am
Have this camera bought Jan-2013 now upgraded PC to Windows7 but can't install the driver. Can't seem to find much on DSE's site. only the XP driver which I already have.

Surely there is some sort of legal obligation upon a supplier to provide support for a bit more than that?

wayne416, Apr 27, 4:08am

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 4:11am
It's junk - would have been siting on the shelf for years and years when you bought it and even when current it was a very cheap model.

Throw it and get something decent

klaus111, Apr 27, 4:14am
This would appear to be last driver they did so try install with compatibility mode. Should work.

klaus111, Jan 11, 8:14am
Driver date 2009 so getting passed it.

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