Online radio.

Can anyone give me a good online radio programme i can listen to from my samsung note 8. I want one that will automatically turn off when i set it to. I have a couple here but they dont turn off. Wanting to listen to nz radio stations.

geek_may321, Jun 30, 10:33 am

anyone know?

geek_may321, Jun 30, 10:25 pm

Only ones I can suggest are TuneIn radio, Pandora, Spotify and there are a couple of station-specific ones such as RadioNZ, GeorgeFM etc but I can't say if you can tell them when to turn off. There might be some timer app you can use to shut down running apps at a set time.

geek_mikep, Jun 30, 11:26 pm

thanks mike.

geek_may321, Jul 1, 9:51 am

geek_tintop, Jul 6, 5:08 am

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