What 'bloatware' to remove?

I have a new Lenovo laptop that seems to have came with a raft of unwanted crap, I am going to give you a list, can someone tell what to keep out of any of these. the list is long!
Absolute data protect
absolute reminder
Amazon 1button
Lenovo soloutions,
Lenovo browser guard
" Dependency package
" experience improvemnt
" Fustion engine
" Mobile phone wireless import
" USB Bloker
" Veriface Pro
maxthon cloud browser
Nitro pro 9

Yes I could google every one of these, but I cant be bothered - so thought id ask here first!

Edited: this is a Windows 8.1 laptop - if that makes a difference

geek_jojo76, May 26, 7:12 pm

easiest way is to visit www.filehippo.com and download CCleaner which will remove junk files and then under TOOLS you can have a look at other rubbish to dump.

geek_sanders4, May 26, 7:23 pm

PC Decrapifier for Lenovo mentioned here. http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2309037

geek_r.g.nixon, May 26, 7:50 pm

Ccleaner wont remove them, their programs, some not needed. Maxthon could go, Nitro can be replaced with Sumatra PDF, you will need a PDF reader, Amazon could go. The others Google to find out.

geek_wayne416, May 26, 7:51 pm

My process:

1. PC-Decrapifier (Remove anything that is not a driver or required for specific hardware to function correctly - this may very well require some google skills)
2. Ninite (Install all runtimes and anything else you would normally use)
3. Install Antivirus (if not in the ninite list) and whatever else you want
4. Update Windows (Repeat after each install until no more updates are detected)
5. CCleaner (Clean only left-over software junk - don't touch the registry)
6. Defrag (I use Defraggler but you can use whatever you want)

geek_lostdude, Oct 15, 10:55 am

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