Lightbox system requirements

dodie100, May 1, 6:14am
I have a Windows Vista, my Mum said she saw somewhere that Lightbox needs IE11 and Windows 7 or 8. Is this correct? I cant find any info anywhere!

vtecintegra, May 1, 6:17am
No it definitely works on Vista.

dodie100, May 1, 6:25am
But what Internet Explorer does it need? Have IE8.
Also what is this Silverlight that you need?

wayne416, May 1, 6:56am
Should be IE9 for Vista, run windows update, if you have not got the last IE for Vista your whole system may be out of date. Couple of years ago IE9 came out. IE8 is to old to even consider using.

ryanm2, May 1, 6:57am
Silverlight is the microsoft app which is required to view the programs. All safe.

wayne416, May 1, 7:00am
Silverlight is sort of a flash player that should come when you update under 'optional updates'.

mrfxit, May 1, 7:15am
FireFox & it's stripped down cousin Pale Moon.
Chrome if you want a bare bones looking browser.

ross1970, May 1, 10:42am
Google will be stopping support for Silverlight in Chrome.

mrfxit, May 1, 9:53pm
Thats going to catch out a lot of chrome users on Facebook as well.

Just checked the date of that article (
Posted: Monday, September 23, 2013 )

Any idea if it's been done yet?

ross1970, May 2, 3:50am
Lol yeah I had a "I just linked an old article" moment after I posted. my bad.

In Chrome at the mo, NPAPI plugins are disabled by default, but you can still enable it in the "chrome://flags" page. That option to enable it again will prob get pulled sometime.

lostdude, May 2, 4:03am
Silverlight still works in Chrome. It's still activated by default as well. Java however has been disabled (or rather, the cross-platform plugin architecture it uses - NPAPI) which can be re-enabled easily enough:

*Edit* lol missed that last post above

mrfxit, Dec 24, 8:15pm
Yea I hunted up the latest articles & emailed them to my Spark contact but forgot to list them on here .
. More info

April 15 2015 Chrome blog

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