Internet slowing right down at 9pm?

My home internet usually runs at 10-11MBps all day and night, but the last couple of nights it has been almost completely stopping at around 9pm.
Both nights I have been happily watching Netflix with no issues, then suddenly it freezes and the loading symbol comes up and basically doesn't move.
Managed to get the Ookla ap on my phone to do a speed test last night and got a ping of 3568ms, and a download speed of 0.11MBps!
Tonight Ookla can't even run, and pages on here are taking several minutes to load.
It has been fine when I wake up in the morning, and for the rest of the day so it seems to just be late at night that is affected.

Any ideas why this could be happening?
Can't imagine it is congestion in my area, I live rural and no one else uses online TV or anything, and most people would be asleep by now anyway.

geek_brapbrap8, Jul 30, 9:53 pm

Ask your ISP.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 30, 10:03 pm

the internets is being slowed down by everyone upgrading to Windows 10

geek_honeysacat, Jul 31, 10:02 am

here is how i would test it shut all divises down using net . then reboot kill power to modem for 15 minutes turn on again and use a android based application like tablet or mobile phone to do a speed test. once you powerd the modem or router back up. the 15 minutes is to drop your old ip adress and any potential naigbours whom are also loged on to your internet and then you get a true speed test, unless you have wiring problems in your house, but that would be random any time of the day a wiring fault not at specific time.

geek_intrade, Jul 31, 11:15 am

you mean because everyone is simultaniously dowloading winblows 10
or do you mean microcrap is throtteling winblows 10 home to speed up the business machines on the internet. i am glad i use linux at all times .

geek_intrade, Apr 17, 9:53 pm

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