Vodafone to mac photo transfer

husband has a cheap vodafone smart 4 phone. Can I transfer the photos off it to my mac. He is updating phone to an iphone but I am worried I will lose his photos in the transfer.

geek_tanya170, Aug 1, 2:34 pm


geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 3:08 pm

Micro USB cable? Micro SD card? Do mac's use this stuff?

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 1, 3:35 pm

I think the Apple boys must be on holiday, i dont know hence the ?

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 3:51 pm

How does he normally save them?

geek_gsimpson, Aug 1, 4:20 pm


geek_piperguy, Aug 1, 5:38 pm

The phone will have a cable, surely? Plug the phone into the computer with USB and transfer them off as if they were on an external drive.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 1, 6:12 pm

I did plug the phone into the computer with USB but I couldn't see where an external drive came up - nothing on the front screen. Where do I look? I thought I should be able to do it this way.

geek_tanya170, Aug 1, 8:09 pm

You watch the computer screen and click on the message to open the files on phone.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 9:02 pm

Open the Finder, the phone should appear somewhere down on the left-hand column among your other drives in "Devices". It might be called some weird combination of characters you don't recognise, such as the model number. If you click on that it should open like a drive and show you the files available.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 1, 9:49 pm

Thanks everyone. Tillsbury you obviously have a mac. lol

geek_tanya170, Apr 11, 10:12 am

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