Excel 2013 Question - x axis change in time line

Hi all, I've tried to google the answer but I'm not using the right words.

I have a line chart that shows past dates from 2010 until now, and continues in to the future to 2020. The info in the past is relevant, but takes up too much space to the left of my chart.

How do I squeeze that range of data so that the dates still show true, but the scale is different to my future dates and data?

Any help would be appreciated.

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geek_sumstyle, May 30, 12:47 pm

No way to do this I can think of really. You could try making your x axis scaling logarithmic and see what that looks like. It sounds like what you want is effectively two different graphs next to each other - that might be the best option.

geek_emmerson1, Oct 3, 4:29 am

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