Can anyone advise please. Wireless mouse

Just got my comp back today after having a new mother board put in and my wireless mouse won't work. I have plugged the thingy in on right side and there are to blue small lights showing and one flashing. what could be wrong and how to get wireless mouse to work again.

geek_blak_katzzz, May 6, 5:57 am

try a different usb socket and give it a few minutes to reinstall drivers

geek_king1, May 6, 6:00 am

Hi thanks have done that but it just won't work. the battery in the mouse is new so not going flat. really hate using the laptop mouse its a pain. Any other ideas please.

geek_blak_katzzz, May 6, 6:22 am

Is there a button on the transmitter part to push, and a button on the mouse's bottom to press next - this teams the parts together.

geek_gyrogearloose, May 6, 6:27 am

Hi there is the on button on the mouse but that is all. have used this mouse successfully for months now but not this time

geek_blak_katzzz, Dec 15, 8:04 am