Wifi printer sleeps then falls off the network.

daryl14, Mar 6, 10:19pm
What can I do here? Tried a factory reset of the printer and reinstall to network. This is a relatively new problem so something's changed.

Am running VDSL thru Netcomm NF4V modem - (in home office) to
Engenius NSR350 wifi router - (in lounge, for better wifi) to
Brother MFC-J625DW wifi printer - (in Office)
(This printer can't be wired to LAN cable).

daryl14, Mar 6, 10:48pm
Well 10 mins or so after pushing the start button to wake it up, I was able to print. So assuming that when it goes to sleep it is hidden from the network?

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 10:50pm
Give it a fixed IP address, rather than use DHCP.

daryl14, Mar 6, 10:53pm
That costs a monthly fee doesn't it?

spyware, Mar 6, 11:02pm
No, you are confused with static public IP on WAN interface of routing device. We are talking about the LAN side interface of routing device.

Maybe about time you learned what IP addresses, subnet mask etc. actually are.

king1, Mar 6, 11:05pm
its a configuration option in the printer - RG is suggesting a fixed local IP address as against a static external IP

in reports print out the current network config
then in network settings change the 'boot method' (as it is in mine yours might be different) to static and then change the tcpip ip address to a number in the same sequence.

Usually something like, the last number will be the one to change - something over 200 (and under 250) should be OK

king1, Mar 6, 11:08pm
the other thing that would confuse the heck out of things is if both your netcomm and engenius are responding to dhcp requests on the same or different subnets.
Perhaps if you can take the engenius out of play while troubleshooting

spyware, Mar 6, 11:09pm
Really should cheap static range out of the DHCP pool range.

lythande1, Mar 7, 12:38am
Stop letting it sleep.

daryl14, Mar 7, 8:01am
The NF4V has had the Wifi dialled right down so hopefully they should not be interfering with each other.

cookee_nz, Mar 7, 8:11am
Suggest you also check for latest Firmware for the Printer, generally quite easy to do and can fix all manner of weird problems. www.brother.co.nz

I also concur with the other suggestions about changing the Wifi Network settings from Auto IP to a Manual IP - you can easily use the same address that the printer already has, you are just making it a permanent address rather than obtaining it each time it wants to connect. Google your printer model and add "static ip address" and you'll quickly find someone who's documented it nice and easy to follow. Good luck

daryl14, Mar 7, 8:18am
Now that's straight forward advice. Thanks Cookee!

king1, Jun 10, 10:28am
I'm not referring to wireless.
if they both have a dhcp server turned on, the wrong one might be responding and providing the IP address. In this scenario other devices might have connection issues though. I couldn't find much info about the engenius to check specs though

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