Cell Phone Not Turning off properly

So I turn the power off on my cell phone, but the screen still seems bright? What would be causing this, and is there an easy solution to fix it?

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 9:19 am

You may want to tell us what sort of phone you have!

geek_piperguy, Jun 30, 9:43 am

a telecom smart phone

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 9:44 am

telecom don't make phones

geek_black-heart, Jun 30, 11:24 am

well its a smart phone, and its like a bluish tinge, and still gives off light even though I have turned power off. it has just started doing this.

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 1:17 pm

take the battery out

geek_king1, Jun 30, 1:43 pm

would i need a new battery? or could i just take it out and put it back in?

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 1:50 pm

leave it out for 5 minutes then put it back. See if that resolves it. Also be watching the screen when you take it out which will tell you if it is in fact on or not

geek_king1, Jun 30, 2:03 pm

cheers thanks for the info.

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 2:09 pm

Is it off when you think it is?
What happens when its "off" and you ring your mobile number ?

geek_black-heart, Jun 30, 2:50 pm

took battery out and back in. the phone doesnt turn on now. it just comes up with a the screen lighting up (nothing on the screen at all) an then goes back to black

geek_brett21, Jun 30, 11:44 pm

Im guessing i need a new battery?

geek_brett21, Jul 1, 12:09 am

have you listened to any of the above at all

try and help us here, do as asked, remove the battery and report back

you appear to have made up your own mind and are now fixated on a new battery, - go and buy a new battery then, then come back to tell us you were wrong, its still doing it with the new battery in

you'll note that not one of the above have suggested it to be a battery fault - thats not how battery faults manifest themselves, you can prove this by paying good bucks for a new battery - and still have the issue

geek_skin1235, Jul 1, 8:26 am

Just hold the power button for 5 seconds.

geek_black-heart, Jul 1, 8:28 am

also check that the existing battery actually is charged and charging

blank screen at boot shows the battery to be low on charge or the operating system is kaput

suggest also you are not turning it off properly - if you put it to sleep mode and pull the battery you stand a good chance of corrupting the operating system,( putting it to sleep is not the same as turning it off)

geek_skin1235, Jul 1, 8:31 am

I did take the battery out.

I put the battery back in.

Phone still doesnt work.

And yes I know it could be something entierly else.

geek_brett21, Jul 1, 10:48 am

How old is it? Why don't you take it back ?

geek_black-heart, Jul 1, 1:26 pm

in the states at the moment, phone one year and a half old.

geek_brett21, Jul 1, 1:30 pm

and when you took the battery out did the screen then darken / stop showing the backlight?, you were asked to do this and note what happened and report back
if the answer is yes then you need to turn it off properly - not just put it into sleep mode

to turn it off properly you have to hold the power button in for 5 secs and than select shut down - anything else is not shutdown, the backlight is set by controls that have been set to stay on, set by a person, the default is to turn off
you're in the states at the moment - what system are you using for charging the phone, your NZ charger will not work

geek_skin1235, Jul 1, 3:51 pm

ok its likely out of any warranty, my suggestion is to replace it while your over there.

geek_black-heart, Jul 1, 4:58 pm

It will with a simple plug converter.

geek_lugee, Jul 3, 10:06 am

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