IPod nano generation 4

I haven't used it with this laptop before but plugged it in yesterday and got this notice:
The iPod software update server could not be contacted. The server does not support this version of iTunes.

I have the latest iTunes and am using windows 8.1.

Because it's an older iPod do I need an older version of iTunes? I'm a bit confused lol. Would love some advice.

geek_dolphin19, Apr 23, 8:40 pm

run the apple software updater just in case

geek_king1, Apr 23, 8:58 pm

That's what I guess could not be contacted.

geek_dolphin19, Apr 23, 9:13 pm

geek_king1, Apr 23, 9:48 pm

I did that king 1 and I had an update in the top part so updated that. Hope I'm making sense.

geek_dolphin19, Apr 23, 10:47 pm

Sorry, just to clarify. I ran the software updater and that's when I downloaded the new iTunes update. There was nothing else to download.

geek_dolphin19, Jan 18, 10:09 pm

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