TV on demand

sandy09, Feb 21, 4:55am
I can never watch on demand. It says its unavailable. I obviously don't have the thing to play it in. Can I get it on Samsung tablet?

hesian, Feb 21, 6:21am
I have it on my samsung tablet. It is an app. Think it is in the play store but not sure. It was free.

However TV on demand has just introduced a joining programme to make sure you undertake to have no ad blocking on your device and allow their advertisers to target you.

sandy09, Feb 21, 8:55am
Yes I logged in to demand but I need the name of the media player that will work

intrade, Feb 22, 8:46am
factory reset your tv and get fresh updates from there and it will work again

cafc2012, Feb 22, 9:47pm
You really need to give more information before anyone can help you. What are you trying to access ? TVNZ? Lightbox? Neon? Netflix? Hulu? there are hundreds of TV on demand services, which one are you trying to use?

What are you trying to access it on? PC? Laptop? Tablet? Mac? Phone?

What is the error message you are getting?

veronica94, Feb 22, 9:57pm
Just noticed that today - it is a shame as I liked watching Nz programmes.

acrobat, Mar 14, 2:10am
Download the app for whatever TV station you want to watch from either the android or apple app sites onto your iPad/tablet and away you go.

denise77, Mar 14, 9:47pm
I'm finding TVNZ on demand a bit glitchy and slow on firefox. It does seem to work with ghostery (which also suppresses ads). We are getting fibre in our street soon, so it might improve.

My husband for some reason has to create a new login every time, as it refuses to recognise his existence, although it won't let him use his email address, as it is already in use. Been very frustrating.

denise77, May 20, 5:28pm
The Android app for TVNZ is pretty crappy, and seems to be exclusive to samsung devices.

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