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fifie, Mar 3, 1:05am
How do i manually add contacts to live mail on my 8.1 l/top. Have looked at m/soft and google it says click on contacts icon/ folder left corner of screen but nothing like that there only create folder what am i doing wrong, or other option have got them on windows phone how do i get them from that, whichever is easiest please for this grandma.TIA

sneps, Mar 3, 9:03pm
Hi, I am not sure but it could be under views, have a play in there, but bumping for others that will know.

black-heart, Mar 3, 9:08pm
I recommend almost any other email program, live mail is garbage.
thunderbird if you want a free program, otherwise webmail, or outlook if you want a paid for program.

chnman, Jun 20, 3:29pm

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