Cheapest genuine Retina Macbook Pro Charger?

Retina Macbook Chargers are horrendous! My first charger overheated and I initially thought I yanked the cable and broke it but upon reading online reviews it seems it may have melted on its own. I bought a cheaper replacement one off ebay but that only lasted a couple of months. Just wondering where the best place to get a replacement is? Apple store has them for $120! Which is exorbitant imo, but then that is in line with everything apple i guess :(

geek_new-era, Apr 29, 1:21 pm

mine gets pretty hot and the cable has turned brown. it's cos apple want the MacBooks to charge quickly.

anyway look at this site

not genuine but they sell good quality stuff

geek_mazdasix, Apr 29, 1:25 pm

Thanks for the fast response! Looks quite similar to the one I bought off ebay haha. How long has your charger lasted for? They do charge quick, I will give you that :)

geek_new-era, Apr 29, 1:50 pm

About 16 months. It still works fine though

geek_mazdasix, Dec 30, 9:52 pm