Upgraded to MS10 from 8 and my Printer of 8 months

morab, Oct 7, 8:39pm
will not work. Print or Scan. Any ideas.

wayne416, Oct 7, 8:49pm
Reinstall it, or manufacturers web site to get latest drivers.

morab, Oct 7, 8:52pm
thanks ,I reinstalled so will have a look at downloading drivers. let you know. ta

wayne416, Oct 7, 9:05pm
Could also go to devices and printers, right click on printer and click make this default printer.

shagged, Oct 8, 12:04am
Get rid of Windows 10 is my advice!
Ever since I upgraded my laptop won't even turn on half the time and I just get a blank screen. I resorted my system back to windows 8 and now it runs fine again.
Windows 10 should never have been released in the state it is in. I know so many people that have had major issues with it since upgrading

joanie04, Oct 8, 6:08am
My brand new laptop is running W10 and I have not had any issues with it. I didn't think it was connecting to the colour printer but it is now.

loud_37, Oct 8, 8:17am
Windows 10 is now installed on more than 110 million devices, and its only been out for 10 weeks. So I think they must have got it pretty close, there will always be issues with so many hardware and applications out there.

black-heart, Oct 8, 9:02am
Seems to be a well known issue with power saving and screen dimming.
Something about turning off sensor monitoring service.

suicidemonkey, Oct 8, 9:16am
Windows 10 is completely fine and stable. It's a fantastic OS. Most of the issues arise because people upgrade and don't do a clean install and also just people not knowing how to solve basic issues.

You must remember that Microsoft have to make it work with millions of hardware combinations. There are ALWAYS going to be some issues when people do upgrades - driver incompatibilities will crop up.

didorothy1, Oct 8, 9:23am
I upgraded my Acer tablet but it completely stopped working and had to be sent back to the shop to be reconfigured. They said it wouldn't support the programme so beware if your a newby like me!

aktow, Sep 17, 3:55am
all my friends would disagree with you. we have had know issues at all with win10 .

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