WINDOWS 10 updates automatically. no user control

I have just discovered that Windows 10 now will update automatically with the option for users to turn it off?

Yes i may be late getting to this, but a quick survey around work colleagues and friends shows i am not the only one who was not aware.

I prefer to update when I want, not when Ms thinks I need to.
I am not arguing that updates are necessary. but seemingly the only way to stop MS getting access to my computer is to either to unplug from the network or disable wireless when I am not actually online.

There seems to be a "hack" where you can turn the update service off, but why can we not decide for ourselves?

I pity people with slow connections or even ones with small data caps. we all know how big some of these updates can get. There will be some of the more less informed people out there, wondering why their data allowance is being used up.

geek_hapukanz, Aug 16, 4:00 pm

yes, the Home Edition of Windows 10 doesn't give the choice to not update. The reason behind this is because stupid people don't realise that the updates are important and SHOULD ALWAYS BE DONE.
To many earlier O/S's have been buggered by useless know it all and actually know nothing expert plumbers, builder's and motor mechanics who have decided in their own arrogance that they know more and are more intelligent than Microsoft and it's 5,000 odd Highly Qualified Experts that go into maintaining an operating system.

geek_d.snell, Aug 16, 4:31 pm

HIYA d.snell. I think I am right however that windows will update without user intervention?

"Windows 10 Pro: We already knew that Windows 10 Home users were going to be forced to install Windows 10 updates from here on out. However, this extends to app updates from the Windows Store as well. If you??re on Windows 10 Pro, here??s how to disable them.

For reasons that aren??t entirely clear, Microsoft has removed the ability to turn off automatic app updates for Windows 10 Home users. While the OS update requirement makes some sense (Microsoft is the source of those after all), requiring app updates as well seems arbitrarily harsh and could cause some problems if a developer does something nefarious, or even if a new version of app doesn??t work as well as the old one. If you??re on Windows 10 Pro, here??s how to disable this setting:
For Windows 10 Home users, it seems like the only option to disable this setting is a $100 upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. It??s unclear if Microsoft would be willing to change this policy over time. While app updates are required, you can obviously still uninstall any app acquired through the Windows Store fairly easily. But it??s a pretty annoying inconvenience nonetheless."

geek_hapukanz, Aug 16, 4:37 pm

Go to settings, network and if you use wifi change the connection to metered under manage wifi settings then it will tell you there are updates but wont download them.

geek_wayne416, Aug 16, 4:39 pm

oops see above, I edited it.

geek_d.snell, Aug 16, 4:40 pm

The reasons this has been done is perfectly clear - its to stop people that think they know what they're doing from stuffing their PCs up by fiddling with settings they don't understand.

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 16, 5:04 pm


not sure what you mean by this?

geek_hapukanz, Aug 16, 5:15 pm

Perfectly correct but if you use mobile data like i do sometimes it can blow a lot in a short time. I installed 10 on my computer and updated it fully. A couple of nights later i ran it on mobile data and the first 10 minutes had used nearly 300Mbs downloading updates. Once bitten, twice shy.

geek_wayne416, Aug 16, 5:22 pm

I have found on my windows 10 the following option

Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your PC. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won??t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn??t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they??re available.

However i would like to be ale to select which ones I want.

Some updates when running Win 7 were programs I do not use such as IE and Office so i would obviously not opt to download those.

geek_hapukanz, Aug 16, 5:44 pm

I use dialup mostly for updates and trademe but dialup is not much good as windows update kills it and you cant stop it as its not a wifi connection. However i use Comodo internet security and able to stop by terminating that connection. Win 10 is really a performer on dialup. Don't know how the millions of people around the world in remote areas still on dialup manage. Don't think the powers that be thought about that.

geek_wayne416, Aug 16, 5:56 pm

They can't keep supporting legacy features forever. Dial up went out of fashion 15 years ago, so I bet they did think about it and just thought "sod it."

geek_lugee, Aug 16, 9:30 pm

i could think the maker of xp-antispy might have made a turn off ubdate button for winblows 10 crap. thats what i would do look if xp-antispy has something
alternatively you can use linux for free and update it when you want
like i do
in konsole
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
are the 2 commands and then hit enter tells you download data and how much more or less date is used on harddrive after install.

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:42 pm

change to metered wifi and no more auto updates

geek_velenski, Feb 12, 8:58 pm

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