Toshiba laptop problem

rpvr, May 5, 8:03pm
My partner has a Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop which has been performing well for several years. It has recently developed a start-up problem. When the start button is pressed, it tries to start, then switches off again. After several attempts it starts; once the boot-up screen shows it's normally ok and goes though the boot sequence as it should, and once running it seems quite stable. Suggestions please?

king1, May 5, 8:47pm
hd sentinel - check the hdd

gibler, May 5, 8:48pm
bad capacitor(s) on the motherboard. That is one old laptop these days.

luxy, May 6, 7:26am
dust. give it a suck with a vac cleaner on the left hand side where the fan is

rpvr, May 18, 10:28pm
I've carried on playing with this and have discovered the following. If I start if from the battery, it starts every time without problems. The problem occurs when the power supply is plugged in and turned on. Anyone have a possible explanation?

king1, May 18, 10:48pm
logic would dictate you should try a new powersupply

rpvr, May 18, 10:51pm
My thoughts precisely, just like to bounce it off others before rushing out to buy one (or buying it off here). Incidentally, the output of the current power supply (stated voltage 19v) without load is 24v. I realise the no load voltage will be higher than when under load, but still, this seems a bit high?

rpvr, May 19, 3:38am
Update. got hold of a universal power supply and tried that. Same symptoms exactly. Will occasionally start with the power supply on (five or 6 goes to achieve this). Unplug the power supply and it starts on the battery every time. Both power supplies recharge the battery. It's got me beat.

blenheim-trader, May 19, 3:52am

rpvr, May 19, 4:12am
Looks like that's what it is. Thanks. Probably a bit outside my capabilities. Maybe a $1 reserve coming up.

blenheim-trader, May 19, 4:33am
try running only on single core.

In SafeMode Goto control panel--> device manager---> goto processor----> disable one of the two processors --> reboot normally. This FIXED the problem, but 1processor is not really a great fix; more of a work around.

rpvr, Nov 4, 8:53pm
Unfortunately my L300 has only a single processor.

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