Prepay Phones

With a prepay at $19 month do you still have to top up by $20 as well

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 7:57 pm

you top up $20 and they deduct $19 leaving $1 for features not included in the $19 plan.

geek_d.snell, Aug 9, 8:00 pm

I know the plan is pay $19 month but I meant is the $20 top up an extra on top or is it just $19 month

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 8:14 pm

Huh? You top up your phone $20. the $19 is taken from that.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 9, 8:17 pm

You can use a cc to buy the $19 combo, but you might need the $1 credit to check voicemail.

geek_rz_zone, Aug 9, 8:35 pm

So in effect it is not prepay like it used to be that you only had to top up if your credit run out ,but a monthly phone account then the same as the contract deals

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 8:37 pm

Who is the connection with ?
Have you looked at the website to see the options available?
Have you called their helpline?

And yes - some plans are badly explained.

geek_tintop, Aug 9, 8:42 pm

All websites just tell you what the plans are so I am asking here if anyone on a prepay plan can tell me before I go and buy one

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 8:44 pm

I assume this is vodafone, and pretty sure they don't do 'real' prepaid anymore, where you just pay by the text/minute/byte as you need, as we ran into this when looking for a phone for a parent who would only be using it every so often and emergencies. No sense paying $19/month for prepaid if you only send a few txt messages each month.

Best bet is another network, we found 2deg was the best for prepaid in general

geek_lucky.gadgets, Aug 9, 8:48 pm

geek_lucky.gadgets, Aug 9, 8:52 pm

Thanks lucky.
That is the information I am looking for.
I already have an on account but have now taken off the home phone as it was not used and only use the cell phone,so am looking to get a phone for the wife to call me in emergencies so looking at a prepaid option and yea Vodafone.
I notice they are doing the $19 deal for $ 9 at the moment with 100 minutes or there is a pay as you go plan for $5 but you have to top up $20 every now and then and calls cost 65 cents $20 wont last long

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 8:53 pm

Normal prepay is still available, what you do is not to subscribe to any combo/pack if you're a casual user.

Vodafone, as usual, has complicated things. You need to call them up to change to casual prepay.

My spark prepay mobile just need to top up $10 a year to keep the number a active.

geek_rz_zone, Aug 9, 8:53 pm

I use Skinny but 2degrees works the same, you add $20 to your phone then you buy, in my case a $16 combo which is good for 1 month which leaves $4 credit. If you don't add any money to phone within a month the combo will expire and you will start using the $4 credit. If you add another $20 to your phone before it expires it will auto renew and you will have $8 credit to add to your balance so after 4 months the 5th is free. If it does expire the $4 will be used at standard rates which is expensive.

geek_wayne416, Aug 9, 8:54 pm that could be what I am looking for. Get her a phone and just top up as needed instead of paying monthly for something that is not going to be used very often.

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 8:58 pm

Skinny is minimum topup of $5 which is good for a year if you don't use it or its only for standby.

geek_wayne416, Aug 9, 9:02 pm

Thanks for the info Now I have some options to look at

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 9:08 pm

Right on!

Trouble is that Vf are experts at obfuscation, and their website is atrocious. Take the time to go to a Vf shop ( not a retailer/reseller) and ask them to provide exactly what you want.

geek_tintop, Aug 9, 9:13 pm

I might do that as I already have an on account it might give me some bargaining power for another phone deal as an extra

geek_newbie5, Aug 9, 9:21 pm

Worth a try.
Another option is to get a non-locked phone from one of the general retailers, you then have the choice of 3 providers and their plans. ( or get your present phone unlocked - if in fact is locked. )

geek_tintop, Mar 7, 11:13 pm

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