Kingfast f9 SSD

Anyone have any real world experience with this brand? Looking at buying a 256GB one from China for $80 US. I found a couple of generally favorable reviews that suggest performance is comparable to other lower end SSD models but I haven't found much about longevity and general quality. $80 is an absolute bargain for a 256GB SSD, but being China, there will be no warranty (3 years) recourse so it's no good to me if its guaranteed dead in 6 months.

geek_oclaf, Mar 19, 9:07 pm

256GB name brand prices start from about $170 locally now, so you're not saving much for a tonne of potential grief.

geek_mm12345, Mar 19, 9:53 pm

How much for postage from China? I know some places there post for free.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 9:53 pm

Free. I was ordering some other project componentry and noticed it flash up in the specials on the homepage and thought "hmmmm. Tasty."

geek_oclaf, Mar 20, 12:06 am

Why don't you just buy this off Amazon?

$132 NZD fully shipped. From the official manufacturer / brand, has Amazon coverage and warranty,

geek_dudekrulz, May 7, 11:08 pm

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