do I

texastwo, Mar 29, 11:37pm
Have signed up for their free Trial but not sure what to do next
How do I watch their movies on my TV

spyware, Mar 29, 11:41pm
If no app on your particular TV then you can't without an Apple TV or FireTV box.

rz_zone, Mar 29, 11:58pm
Hook up your laptop to tv with a hdmi cable.

cafc2012, Mar 30, 11:16pm
Unless you have a 'smart' TV you will need another device to get the content to your TV there are a load of options.

1. Connect a cable from your PC or laptop to the TV, What kind of cable with depend on the video outputs on your laptop/PC and the video inputs on your TV.

2. If your tv has an "HDMI" port, somethign like the ChromeCast. You will still need a PC, a laptop, or a tablet to send the data to the Chrome cast and your TV.

3. Apple TV a box that plugs into your HDMI port - this is a standalone product, meaning you don't need any other laptop, PC or table to access Netflix.

lostdude, Apr 6, 8:57pm
Netflix isn't only limited to those devices though. It's also available on Windows, Mac, Android, Chromecast, PS3/4, XB360/One etc etc.

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