Obsolete modems/routers

majoba, May 12, 12:52am
Is there any recycle value in obsolute ADSL modems or should I just put them in my own rubbish?

lostdude, May 12, 12:58am
Drop it/them off to your local ewaste recycling plant. Plenty around Auckland.

gyrogearloose, May 12, 1:14am
Do you think if I guessed the admin password of an obsolete ADSL modem, and then looked at the connection username and password, it might be the same as the username and password of the customers email account at their ISP?

mrfxit, May 12, 1:38am
Yes they are recyclable.
Any reputable recyclers will simply dismantle the units to their basic parts.

king1, May 12, 2:03am
a fair number of them will be user@xtrabb.co.nz I would think.
in some cases the bb password will be different from the email password.
But yes you might get lucky in some instances.

majoba, May 12, 4:00am
Thank you for your replies.

pcmaster, Dec 1, 2:23am
last time i used one it was user.xadsl@xtra.co.nz - that must have been a while ago then

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