SD card - locked

gag5, May 28, 5:10am
I have a ADATA SD 32 GB card. When I insert it into camera, it tells me Memory Card Error - Card Locked! The lock switch on teh card is on the unlock setting.
Anyone know if theres a simple fix? The card hasnt been used for a year or so but as far as I remember it worked ok, last tiime it was used.


time3, May 28, 5:13am
there is a swith in the SD card outside. have a look then

gag5, May 28, 6:17am
yes, this switch on teh outside of the card is on Unlock position

Anyone? Shoudl I try another category?

gyrogearloose, May 28, 6:27am
When you used this card previously, was it with this camera?

A 32GB card sounds like SDHC, but if you were to use it in an older camera that was built for SD, then this is the kind of error you might get, despite it physically fitting okay.

mazdasix, May 28, 7:56am
Yeah it's either not compatible or the card is buggered.

kevymtnz, May 28, 7:59am

skin1235, May 28, 8:11am
you have tried it with the switch in the other position naturally?
assume it is the camera that will not read it, will your computer read it though

gag5, May 28, 8:54am
yes, SDHC. Was used in a Canon Powershot A710 no problem. Now trying it in a Canon PS A410 which was purchased after the A710. Don,t remember if we,ve used it in the 410 or not as we usually just stick to a 1GB - don,t take a lot of pics generally, but about to embark on a large journey so thought to use the 32 GB. Will hunt out the 710 & see if it still works there.

suicidemonkey, May 28, 9:02am
Judging by the age of the A410, I very much doubt it supports SDHC cards (which yours probably is).

gag5, May 28, 9:48am
yep. It still works in the A710. Now to figure why the pictures are 'fuzzy'.

suicidemonkey, May 28, 9:58am
Could be an issue with the camera not auto focusing properly

gag5, May 28, 10:30am
you are correct - the SDHC does not like the 410. just noticed the 1GB cards used in it are just SD not SDHC. Blimey, whatever all that means anyway! Just wanna take pictures!
The A710 is a better camera but the pictures are fuzzy - friend just saying probable teh sensor. is this something fixable?

gyrogearloose, May 28, 7:57pm
Whenever I can't fathom a problem with my camera, I'll first try the 'Reset All. ' option from the toolbox menu.

therafter1, May 28, 10:30pm
Pretty sure that with a camera like that you will know what you are doing, but, had an uncle showing me a selection of his images and they were all blurry. He then wanted to take some updated images of my wife and I and I noticed that he was lining up the subjects and then pushing the shutter button, as opposed to applying light pressure to allow the auto focus to work, then completing the push of the shutter . his previous blurry image problem was immediately resolved . he thought he was stuck with a dud camera lol

therafter1, May 28, 10:32pm
And this is another option well worth a try as someone may have fiddled with the factory settings and mucked it all up with incorrect ISO's selected etc.

therafter1, May 28, 10:32pm
Most of them you can use a micro SD fitted into a standard size SD adaptor.

suicidemonkey, May 28, 10:38pm
Fixing the sensor would cost hundreds (if it was event possible). You'd be better off buying a new camera - you could get something much better than the A710 for only a few hundred dollars.

Try giving the camera a reset first, make sure it's focusing properly too.

skin1235, May 29, 2:54am
you would be surprosed just how many have no idea about the systems onboard that megabucks camera they just had to have, it looks flash, better than a diamond necklace a round their neck when out trying to snob it up in their social set
I've shown a person who had owned such camera for a couple of years how to use the autozoom - he had absolutely no idea it was there, it was on his previous camera too ( I know cos he gave that to me when he had to buy the new one ) and he had no idea it was there either
trying to tell him to only press the button until the yellow light came on ( auto focus) was a mission, he had all the icons turned off so nothing showed on screen, had to reset the camera to get them there, with auto zoom and auto focus he can now tale a reasonable pic, now all I have to do is teach him how to aim the damn thing

gag5, May 29, 9:43am
OK. Have just reset all to default settings. Have just noticed the picture on teh LCD screen is blurry even before taking the pic.- not right across the screen just to one side. My other half assures me the lens is clean.


soneyah, May 29, 9:50am
how to fix it

gag5, May 29, 10:45am
thanks - but theres doesnt appear to be a prob with the card after all. I was trying to use it in a camera that is not compatible. When I tried it in the camera used previously it worked fine. The reason we havent used THAT camera for a while is because the LCD picture is blurry on one side. This also shows up when you view the pics on computer.
any ideas re fix?

mm12345, May 29, 10:52am
Blurry one side probably means that either the lens is out of whack (the whole lens assembly - or one of the internal elements has come loose), or the sensor is out of whack because the camera has taken a hit.
It's probably not fixable - for a reasonable cost.

gag5, Oct 5, 2:19pm
thanks - looks like another camera for the scrap heap.

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