Apple support.

Can not get into the support page so I can reset my iCloud password, other websites are fine, any ideas please?

geek_sarah1955, Jun 11, 7:01 pm

geek_king1, Jun 11, 7:14 pm

Tried that, but can not get into it.

geek_sarah1955, Jun 11, 7:24 pm

check date and time
refresh the page.
more info about what device you are using might help.
and any error messages?

geek_king1, Jun 11, 7:26 pm

All sorted with apple Support's help, bought a new iPhone 5s and could not get into iCloud.
Connection was lost yesterday when transferring contacts etc from the cloud, ended up just being a need to reset wifi at the wall.
Phone works perfectly now and Apple support were brilliant.

geek_sarah1955, Jun 12, 4:55 pm

On par with the Manila branch of Vodafone.

EDIT: Oh I forgot Apple support are in Manila. Probably the same people.

geek_spyware, Jun 12, 6:26 pm

Probably not

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 12, 6:36 pm

Every time I've called Apple I've spoken to an American.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 12, 7:39 pm

Manilla is phillipines, many of them have american accents also,

geek_shall, Jun 12, 8:50 pm

It's usually not too hard to tell the difference between a genuine American accent and a thinly disguised one on an asian accent.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 12, 9:44 pm

Apple Support can be anywhere in the world, the lady I spoke to was in Portugal and perfect English, don't care where they are as long as they can help and they did .????

geek_sarah1955, Jun 12, 10:08 pm

Majority of apple support are in Australia if you call the 0800 number

geek_jon9, Jun 13, 9:37 am

I've had plenty of discussions with Apple support- here in Auckland! Luck of the draw where they are.

geek_johnhb, Aug 20, 4:52 pm

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